DevOps Internship

In 3 months, you will receive complete immersion in work, experience in building complex IaC from scratch.

We believe in the potential of every aspiring specialist and strive to help them realize their IT ambitions. Our DevOps internship program is not designed to provide training, but to immerse you in a real-life work environment, giving you a path to employment!

What Awaits You in the Internship:

🚀 Real Project Experience:

Work on startup projects that have the potential to become unicorns.

🌟 Career Pathway:

Gain real commercial experience and open doors in the IT Industry.

⚡️ Rapid Results:

Dive into a working environment with experienced leaders.

📚 Structured Learning:

From status meetings to detailed code reviews and regular sprints under the guidance of experienced leaders.

Internship Structure






🔐 Registration

Sign up for a journey towards IT excellence

💻 Selection

Go through a selection process that includes technical assessments and interviews

👨‍💻 Internship

- Introductory lectures about the company and organizational issues

- Daily stand-ups with the project manager

- Weekly planning sessions

- Hands-on experience with in-demand DevOps technologies

- Regular code reviews and feedback sessions

🛡️ Defense

Present your project work and learnings

🎯 Employment Opportunities

Get offer from Company Partners


This Internship Is
For You If

You have basic knowledge of and practice with key DevOps tools and principles.

You are inspired by the values and mission of

You possess good English communication skills.

You are eager to apply your knowledge in practical, real-world scenarios.

What Awaits You After the Internship

Opportunity to work on ambitious projects with real-world impact.

A chance to be a part of a team that values innovation and ambition.

Access to further training and development resources.

Potential for full-time employment and career growth within

Please don't apply If

1. You think an internship is a learning experience.

2. You are not ready for intense work

3. You believe that your mentor will help you every step of the way.

Inspiring DevOps Mentors

Personalized Guidance from Industry's Best Professionals

Andrii Rogovskyi

DevOps DevSecOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer with a strong background in infrastructure automation and cloud technologies. His expertise lies in optimizing development workflows and ensuring scalable and efficient deployment pipelines.

Mykhaylo Pylypyshyn

Senior DevOps Specialist

Experienced Senior DevOps Specialist adept at designing and implementing robust CI/CD solutions. His focus on reliability and performance optimization has driven success in complex deployment environments.

Ihor Yevtushenko

Cloud Architect

Skilled Cloud Architect, specializes in architecting resilient and secure cloud infrastructures. His proficiency in designing scalable systems has significantly contributed to the success of various DevOps initiatives.

Prashant Gupta

DevOps Technical Lead at Apple

DevOps Consultant, excels in orchestrating end-to-end DevOps transformations. His expertise in tooling selection and process optimization has catalyzed the efficiency of numerous development teams.

Kristi N.

DevOps Engineer

Dedicated mentor committed to nurturing aspiring DevOps professionals, offering guidance and expertise in industry practices and toolsets

Ejiroghene Laurel Dafe

Cloud Engineer

Enthusiastic DevOps practitioner passionate about leveraging automation and cloud technologies. His dedication to enhancing development processes fosters a culture of continuous improvement.